Students in SWE 432 work on a project throughout the term: a dynamic web app. In Fall 2016, students were allowed to choose whatever sort of app they would like to build as long as it met the following conditions:

  • Was written entirely in JavaScript, using NodeJS on the backend and React on the frontend
  • Used an OAuth login system
  • Used a Firebase NoSQL DB
  • Used at least one other Web Service

Several students allowed their projects be shared publicly:

“OptioToll” (GitHubLive Site)

“Our web application enables users to create an account and search the Google Maps system for locations and directions” (Pavan Vittala and Ken Matsuda)


“Recipe Bucket” (GitHub, Live Site)

“The intent of RecipeBucket is to help find and store recipes. You can search an ingredient(s) and view all recipes that contain that ingredient. Once you have found a recipe, you will have the option to store it to your personal account or share it on your social media accounts.” (Maleeha Farukh and Pakeezha Arfany)

“Foodshare” (GitHub, Live Site)

“Foodshare is a community-driven food sharing platform aimed at decreasing food waste and hunger.”

(Sherif Sarhan and Marwane Boudriga)


“Game Spider” (GitHub, Live Site)

“Our app allows users to compare video game prices across websites to help quickly determine where the best deal is”

(Thomas Wilson, Chris Bradel and Avelino Inguane)